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Three websites, one company


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Jan 28, 2019
Hi guys - I am looking for a bit of direction. We have a law firm that practices 4 areas of law, mainly. We have a main site. The NAP has been registered with GB and all is well with this. The problem I am having is that we are building out separate websites for each area of law with high value domains that we plan to market. The second will be completed shortly. For example, our mail site is www.hamiltonalawyers.com. The second website, www.termination.ca will be completed next week. How do we register separate websites with GB?

The last question I have is that a third area of law, www.disability.ca is going to be in partnership with another firm in another City. We will be marketing province wide. What address to we use for GMB and if we are in two different cities, what should be do.

Sorry if this is long winded and complicated - just a bit stumped.
Oct 3, 2012
You can only register a business page (GMB page) for the actual business. So whatever the main site you want to use for the business is the one you add to the GMB page. The rest of the sites you'll have to work on getting ranked organically or push traffic via paid channels.

You could try to add those in the "Services" area, but they might not get linked. You could also try to make note of them in the description if you really wanted to.

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
@mlalande, as Eric said, practicing multiple areas of law doesn't make a client eligible for multiple GMB pages. I'd add only that although you can have as many sites as you want, it's usually best to have one (or as few as possible). Mainly so your efforts aren't spread thin, and so any links you earn aren't spread thin.
Oct 15, 2016
Also note that each practicing lawyer within the organisation can have their own listing. If some of them specialize in different areas, then you can have them use different primary categories to get more listings that might rank for different searches. You can also use different websites to link to those listings if it makes sense.

However, individual listings are owned by the practitioner and not the firm, so you may not want to invest too much into the listing (getting reviews, etc) of someone that may leave the firm.

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