To Claim or Not To Claim?

Jim Froling

Forum Member
Jul 19, 2012
A new client had some big problems: several duplicate G+ Pages. I thought I had successfully deleted all of them (with some help from G Local support). Then his surviving page was blocked for spam violations. Back to G phone support and have been working with two Googlers to either merge or delete the egregious profiles. Each kicked it upstairs to a "specialist". That was nearly a month ago and the support reps still waiting upon the specialist to resolve.:confused:

Would delete the page(s) if I could however being blocked we cannot get into the settings to do so.

Ironically, in the meantime a new Google+ page was created by Google from scraped data.:eek: It is, at this point, unclaimed and unverified. Post, photos, descriptions are gone but somehow the reviews made the transition. Yea!

Client is losing patience, as am I. SO tempted to claim and verify the scraped page but to this point G Support reps (in Ann Arbor) and I have relented so as not to further complicate issues. But weeks without action by G's upstream support is getting ridiculous (and making me look bad:mad:)

Should I claim and verify the scraped profile and hope for the best?
Does anyone know of a way to get directly to the next level of support to address this issue?
Would starting a thread on GMB Support Forum really help?

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