Top 5 Issues Wrecking Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses - Markus Mille/SEland

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Search Engine Land columnist Marcus Miller, did a guide for ranking well in local search for multi-location businesses a few days ago. I missed it so wanted to share today.

<a href="">Top 5 Issues Wrecking Local SEO For Multi-Location Businesses</a>

Brands and large, multi-location businesses are horrible at local SEO. That is a bit of a generalization, of course, but it certainly represents my experience working with larger multi-location businesses in the U.K.

If you have a recognized brand with a local presence, your general authority should make ranking in local search results somewhat easier; yet all too often, this is not the case. The purpose of this post is to outline the key areas for brands, franchises and multi location businesses to focus on for local search success.

Following are the top five issues we see that are holding multi-location businesses back from achieving strong local visibility in search. Get these sorted, and (in most cases) your individual stores will begin ranking in the local and localized organic search results.
Head over to read, if you missed it. Thanks Markus!

And for tons more posts be sure to see our <a href="">Multi-Location Issues</a> sub-forum.

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