Tracking Google Places With UTM tracking in Google Anlaytics


May 6, 2013
Hi we’re looking to track these 3 links on Google Places across 50 different places (e.g. Ash ST. Cellar below is just one place):

Annotation on 2018-0-2.jpg

In terms of UTM tracking we were wondering if this setup will be sound:

The UTM will be set up as follows:

Campaign Source = google local
Campaign Medium = name of place e.g. ash_st_cellar

Then what changes will be campaign name for each 3 conversion points:
Campaign Name Website = website
Campaign Name Reservation = book
Campaign Name Menu = menu

This way we can track at place level number of clicks to website, reservations and menus via GA.

I want to roll this setup to over 50 different places, so lots of UTM urls but just want to confirm if this strategy is sound before executing?



Cori Shirk

Oct 17, 2013
Great idea to use tracking URLs. I'd recommend the following structure:

Source = gmb or local -- Google has thrown up errors for using 'google' in tracking URLs before... I'm not sure if that's still an issue but it has been in the past.
Medium = organic -- This way you can still pull organic reports in GA, and your GMB traffic won't be excluded.
Name = what you listed above.

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