Tried this for Local Links and Citations? Brilliant for the Right Type of Client

Jun 28, 2012
Looking for a new way to get great, highly relevant and authoritative local links, citations, social mentions maybe even local media mentions???

Remember Google takes note if your business name is mentioned in posts, even if there is not a full citation or a link. And the podcast description and content surrounding your name count a little as well. So online word of mouth counts, even if just a name/description/topic mention.

NOTE: This idea is someone limited, since your client has to be someone that isn't afraid of speaking AND has something interesting to say. But this would be a perfect strategy for an outgoing Cosmetic Dentist, Attorney or other interesting niches.

AND it's something I've never heard anyone talk about for local.
(They may have, but I searched and could not find anything.)

<a href="">Susan Fox said</a>:

To connect with local businesses related to relevant customer niches, I look for businesses within 50-75 miles of Cleveland who are also podcast radio show hosts. I help my clients get interviews with those hosts. The podcast results in a link my clients can share on their websites to promote their solution to customer problems.

Once you do a podcast interview, unless the show host removes the link, it is on the web forever. It's a very cost-effective way to promote your business and connect locally.

The most common thing that initially holds clients back in business success is being afraid to speak publicly. Once clients work through that fear, using the power of their own mind, they can finally get in front of a microphone. Are you afraid to share your message publicly? Maybe this tip will help.

Head over to read the rest. Thanks for the great idea, Susan!

Curious to hear what you think?

I think for the right client it's pretty brilliant!

And what a feather in your cap, if you search out & score podcast interview for your client!


Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2012
Great outside of the box strategy! I think this could also work for tutors, music instructors and anyone else whose service is "lesson" based. Thanks for the share, Linda!

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