Understanding How ATM's and the Like Fit In

Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
I was just having an interesting discussion with one of my colleagues about ATM's and how they fit into Google Places in light of them recently being added to the Quality Guidelines:

.Your business location should be staffed during its stated hours.
  • Exceptions to the above are self-serve businesses such as ATMs or video-rental kiosks. If adding these locations, you should include contact information for customers to get help.

At first thought that ATM's go against Google's guideline that states:

  • Only businesses that make in-person contact with customers qualify for a Google Places listing.

Then my colleague pointed out the subtle detail in that guideline. It doesn't say "only businesses that make person to person contact" it simply says "Only businesses that make in-person contact" which would make room for an ATM to have a G+ Local page even though it doesn't have any staff there to make contact with the employee, since customers are indeed making contact with the business/ATM.

Does this also mean that vending machines and other non-staffed kiosks qualify for a Google+ Local page?

Anyone ever looked into this before?

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
LOL - Over-analyse?! Never!!!
Would love to know what the acceptable exceptions are to Google's rules... sigh...

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