When To Report A Listing With This VS That

Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
What are the differences in these 3 similar but obviously different ways of reporting issues to Google:

  1. Troubleshooter -[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"The Business No Longer Exists"[/FONT]
  2. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Report a Problem - "[/FONT]Place is permanently closed"
  3. Report a Problem - "Place does not exist or is private"

Are these 3 reporting features designed to report distinctly different issues, or is there cross-over, so that, for example, all of the methods could be used to report the same thing.

Hope that makes sense.


Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
I'd say the main difference between the Troubleshooter (#1) and #2 is that Google knows that an issue brought up via the Troubleshooter is from the owner of a claimed listing. Otherwise, I'd say that the two overlap completely.

My understanding of #3 is that you'd only use it to flag down a spam listing, or maybe to tell Google that you'd like your own listing suppressed (because of, say, privacy concerns).

Good thread, Colan!