Why did this site's local ranking drop?

Sep 5, 2012
Andrew...in the client's words, "Bayside's address is "West Yarmouth", Yarmouthis a different town." Does this jive with the changes made in the edit?
West Yarmouth isn't its own town, rather a defined village in Yartmouth. Because it has a boundary and is completely within Yarmouth and Google now knows that (my edit to place it within Yarmouth) will mean that if Google sees "West Yarmouth" it places the object within the West Yarmouth boundary in the Yarmouth Boundary which in in Barnstable County, etc. Google treats villages in towns as a separate town for search and display purposes but still knows it is in the town. Google likes to be accurate as it helps find things. That's the long answer, the short answer is no they're not a town but Google treats them as one for convenience. Basically Google will serve up a West Yarmouth address when you just search for such a place using Yarmouth.

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Andrew when you map search the address that's on the page now:
225 Massachusetts 28, Yarmouth, MA 02673
Google comes back with: 225 Massachusetts 28, West Yarmouth, MA 02673

When you Google search "West Yarmouth Hotels" EVERY HOTEL ON PAGE 1 EXCEPT THEM has a West Yarmouth address.

When you search for Cape Cod Hotels Check the map. Yarmouth is NOT EVEN in the search radius. It's off the map above Hyw 6. So I think having city wrong as Yarmouth, is going to kill any chance of ranking for Cape Cod Hotels. West Yarmouth hotels are at least in the map radius.

Since you edited in MM and I see you changed address to West Yarmouth and according to maps West Yarmouth is CORRECT, then why is it still displaying as Yarmouth?

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