Would You Create Location Pages, or Use Home page to create citations?


Dec 9, 2014
I have a client and they are expanding, they are in process of getting new locations up to 3. The main location is in a smaller city, and i want to clean up the citations and create new ones, now my main concern is should i create and use a location page ? or i can just use Home page for all locations? and only mention the local number in the footer, or contact us page. I do see competitors using Home page, however I do not feel comfortable with it, or maybe i can use home page for the largest city/area?.

Rich Owings

Local Search Expert
LocalU Member
Apr 21, 2014
If they only have a few locations, I would link to the home page from GMB, and put all location info on the home page. The homepage is going to have more backlinks and ranking power, and seems to help strengthen map pack rankings. But I would also create a page for each location, and link to those from the home page.

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