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Sep 25, 2018
Hi there again! I have a client who is a whiz at what he does but not great at in person service. This last part is not likely to change any time soon so the people who have his product are THRILLED and the people who walk away - don't even buy it - write up negative reviews.

His Yelp page has two negative reviews and then 26 ones that are not recommended... most of which are 5 stars and more if people could. Yelp shows up as one of the first citations on the search page. I understand Yelp recently had an update to the algorithm but this was going on last year, too.

He does not currently have a GMB listing which I am recommending; any other remedies through Yelp you can think of? I'm guessing we're out of luck if we have refused to purchase any products from the account reps.

Thanks! Monica


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Sep 12, 2012
I would definitely get the GMB page up and running. That's a no brainer, especially for reputation management. Get a bunch of Google reviews to offset Yelp.

At the same time, you could look into purchasing some ads on Yelp, driving Yelp customers and therefore Yelp reviews. However, that is very tricky and you need a good strategy to pull it off. That strategy would involve a lot of business owner cooperation, which it sounds like may not be this business owner's strong suit. But when talking about Yelp, that's probably your only recourse.

The other possibility is to drive tons of reviews to other properties like Facebook (tons of people have a Facebook) and also BBB (anonymous reviews) and push Yelp down in the search results.


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Mar 20, 2019
Such negative reviews can not be reported multiple times, and on newer reports yelp will send an auto email that it was already decided that these reviews are not a problem and should stay.
But reviewers of these reviews can be reported for leaving a review for no experience with business. as soon as their profile get closed, their reviews will be taken down to non recommended.

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