These are not the only or necessarily the best citation clean up tools, but this article points out some tools you may not be aware of. So I'm sharing in case any of the info is helpful to you.

6 Tools Merchants Can Use to Clean Up Location Data | Street Fight

When it comes to finding basic information about local businesses, most consumers arenít asking their friends and they arenít opening up the Yellow Pages, either. For 42% of adults, search engines have become the primary tool for finding local merchants and service providers in their areas. But what those consumers donít always realize is that much of the information theyíre finding ó up to 43%, according to a survey by Yext ó can be incorrect or out of date. This leads to missed sales opportunities for businesses, and frustration for consumers.

New platforms are helping merchants fight back, offering tools that allow brands of all sizes to clean up their location data and get better control of the way their information is presented online. Here are six of those platforms.