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    Google webmaster tools problem

    Not sure if it goes here in this category, if not sorry.

    When I click on links to my site on google webmaster tools, ever since I can remember I have had well over 500 links. Last time I checked (about a week ago) I had 633 links to my site, but I just checked now and I only have 141 total links.

    Also I just noticed when I click on "your most linked content", it doesn't show my main indexed page on there anymore which is the reason why it's showing I have low backlinks to my site. Anyone know why?

    What is going on here?

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    Lightbulb Re: Google webmaster tools problem

    I think the Webmaster Tools is not in trouble. The tool does not work very well. Is the same case off the option "Remove Pages". In the beginning, did not work. Today is perfect.

    Use the tool Do not trust the webmaster tools yet.

    I tested my site and it does not affect the placements organic.

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