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View Poll Results: Which one would you drop, i.e., stop using and paying for?

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    Moz, SEMrush or Majestic - Pick any two, which do you drop?

    Moz, SEMrush or Majestic

    If you could only afford two, which one would you drop?

    There's a lot of functional overlap among all the SEO tools out there, and you could spend thousands of dollars every month on tools if you're not careful.

    Right now I'm paying every month for all three of these tools (and others, too) and I think I could get along with only two of them.

    Which one would you drop, that is, stop paying for?


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    Re: Moz, SEMrush or Majestic - Pick any two, which do you drop?

    Depends on your client needs, reporting, etc, obviously.

    But for our needs, Moz used to be the least useful for us of the 3. We never used it in the past because we do a good mix of local / non-local / consulting and we tend to build custom reports for each project as needed.

    Now that they added local rank tracking, however, we're in the process of switching from Brightlocal for that.

    If we had rank tracking somewhere else still we'd have no need for Moz.
    John Crenshaw
    Razorlight Media, Recently acquired by

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