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    Google's "Bayesian" Averaging for Reviews

    We have been spending some time studying Google's review metrics and know they use some sort weight system for reviews but I have never seen a company with a 5-star rating, even when they have all 5-star reviews until I looked at this business:

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    This business has one 4-star review and they are still pulling a 5-start aggregate ranking. Can anyone provide some insight as to what is going here? Thanks!
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    Re: Google's "Bayesian" Averaging for Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by mborgelt View Post
    but I have never seen a company with a 5-star rating, even when they have all 5-star reviews
    I have a 5 Star rating and all 5 Star reviews:

    But I know that's rare. The only reason I do is because I don't think I have reviews anywhere else.
    If I did it could water down my ratings.

    I wonder if that company just has so many good reviews everywhere else that the one 4 star is not enough to bring their average down?
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    Re: Google's "Bayesian" Averaging for Reviews

    There is a great post by Mike Blumenthal over at the LocalU blog that has some insight - Why does Google show a 4.8 rating when I have all 5-star reviews? - Local University

    Mike also talks about the Bayesian Average.
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