What Makes WordPress the Best Platform for SEO
by Albert Costill, Search Engine Journal
June 12, 2015

WordPress sure has a come a long way since itís initial release in 2003, hasnít it? What started out as a simple blogging tool has become arguably the leading content management system in the world. In fact, WordPress is now used by 23.8% of all websites in the world.

If youíre a WordPress user, itís easy to realize why WordPress is such a powerful platform. Itís easy to use, itís free, and has more than enough plugins/add-ons to help customize your site or blog to fit your needs.


WordPress is pretty exceptional, especially when it comes to SEO. Whether youíve used WordPress in the past, or want to start using it for your business or personal blog, hereís a breakdown of why WordPress is the absolute best platform to use as the foundation of your SEO success story.