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    Local business with many domains "Memphis-HVAC" or "memphis-AC" etc.

    HI all,

    I seem to run into this a lot, where, I have a client that has purchased a bunch of exact match domains, and they want to know what to do with them.

    For example, say it is an HVAC in Memphis. . . and they have their website at


    Then they tell me, they also own:
    and that all these point to the main domain - none of them have any actual websites.

    The client is usually quite proud of this, and think it is a big deal. Someone must have told them something about it once.

    Maybe I'm a fool, but, I just don't see what value this is doing for them if there is nothing on these sites. I typically tell them that these are pretty worthless, and if they wanted to get any value from this, they would have to create web sites on these other domains that are unique and then, get a few links back to the main site? Or maybe do something even more spammy and create another business location with this new site. . . ?

    Other than that, I see no value in these domains. Am I being shortsighted? To me, it seems it is one thing to have your main domain on a good exact match domain (I know this could be debated a bit), but, to have additional domains, I'm just not sure what you get from that - especially if you aren't putting anything on them.

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    Re: Local business with many domains "Memphis-HVAC" or "memphis-AC" etc.

    Totally agree with you. Those pointer domains are not going to rank or drive traffic.
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    Re: Local business with many domains "Memphis-HVAC" or "memphis-AC" etc.

    I guess the only other benefit would be to use them in other offline marketing efforts (think shorter URL for radio or billboard), but that's about it. If these are all new domains created by the client and not established ones bought off auction/expiration lists, the only thing you got going is domain age.

    How did your client acquire these? Did they just go to Godaddy and buy a bunch of EMD's, or were they vetted for link equity?

    If they're really doing nothing for you, and there's bandwidth to play around then you could have some fun. Split one off and split something like into a review site (or something better). Make it into a well crafted landing page showing all the benefits of repairing your old AC unit, and display how much someone could save... then have email opt ins for seasonal facts/updates and have a lead gen form for the business.

    I didn't think that through at all, but just threw an idea off the top of my head. If you have the ability to do something with the domains, then I say do more if those were purchased for no other reason than the fact they're EMDs.
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