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    Screen Sharing tools - What do you recommend?

    What do you use for screen sharing with clients, and what does it cost?

    I've been using "Pro" and it renews in 30 days... at a cost of $239.88.

    It works well except that it is a little cumbersome for clients to utilize because they have to download and run a client executable on their computer in order to use

    The free version of would be ok except that it doesn't allow for easy "role switching" where the viewer becomes the presenter, which is helpful sometimes.

    Does anyone know of a better, less expensive alternative? One that is just as easy to use? I don't want to use Windows "desktop sharing", I have had trouble getting it to work reliably with some folks. Also, by definition it only works in Windows computers.


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    Re: Screen Sharing tools - What do you recommend?

    I tested out the other day. Seemed to work fine for me. It included both a VOIP line and a conference number so people could call in from the office. I was able to screen share, and had the option to switch roles (but didn't use it).
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