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    Local SEO and Reports and What to Charge Clients

    I am currently ramping up on Local SEO, but I am wondering what to charge.

    My thought is to charge a monthly fee of $500 per location for the first 3 months working on building out citations. After that it would be more focused on localized backlinks and local outreach.

    I would be initially setting up citations using either Moz Local or BrightLocal + manual submissions.

    What seems to have worked thus far is to perform a citation audit using Moz Local to see where the company stands and see how good or bad their Local Moz footprint is. That usually gives me a good indicator if I should approach a company or not.

    What are your thoughts on pricing and strategy?

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    Re: Local SEO and Reports and What to Charge Clients

    In my own business I've been charging for a package of hours, basically. That seems to be received pretty well... the number one problem in this industry, is it's all a black box. Imagine going to the doctor, having them tell you a bunch of confusing information, and knowing that there's no medical board, no schools, no certifications, and basically no way to know if the doctor is milking you, or genuinely knowledgeable. I suppose it's the same as auto repair in that way.

    Having a package with hours gives a really easy way to document your work, handle the monthly report, involve them directly in the road map, and set clear expectations about what exactly they can expect from working with you and when they can see progress. As far as pricing goes, $80~$100 an hour is probably about average for a competent company, but you can play with it based on your industry, your location, the authority you have with your clients, and so on.

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