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    Client's listing #1 when spoofing location, but otherwise...

    My agency is looking at how to improve one of our client's ranking in Google search and Maps.

    She doesn't show up anywhere near the first page of search results when looking from our location in Ohio, but when using this BrightLocal tool set to her zip code, her listings are much more prominent.

    For instance, if I search "dentist Rockford, IL" in Google Maps, her practice is in 31st place. Through the BrightLocal link with area code 61101, she's the first listing under the ads.

    I know location of the searcher is important in Google search, but I've never seen such a dramatic difference before. Is this something I should be concerned with? If so, are there any recommendations on how to handle it?

    Thanks for your input!

    Here are the specifics on the client:

    Sachs Dental: Cynthia M. Sachs, DDS, PC
    2841 Glenwood Ave
    Rockford, IL 61101

    The keywords she wants to be found for:
    cosmetic dentist
    dental crowns
    crowns in a day, same day crowns
    root canals
    teeth whitening
    dental exam

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    Re: Client's listing #1 when spoofing location, but otherwise...

    Yeah, that pretty much matches what I've been seeing. Location is a hugely important factor now. That works out in your client's favor actually, it means that certain keywords are much more accessible for low-ranking businesses now on account of Google serving up hyper-local results. The downside, it means the chances of city-wide domination are next to nill for most keywords. As a general rule, it seems like searches without a geographic word ('dentist') tend to show more tightly mapped results than with a city included, so there's still some opportunity for really high ranking businesses to capture a larger segment of the market.

    Shoring up best practices is the road forward for any client. Clean up citations, build reviews, get the website set up properly, build relevant backlinks, etc. I noticed the site only has 16/0 on Majestic, I'm not surprised it's on page 4. Getting the site up there is the next best thing once you tap out on exposure in the 3-pack, so you'll want to start investing there now.

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