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    Google Local and Map Listing-Kids being Kids

    Met someone whose having trouble. Their local Middle School's name got changed to Russian National Hacking School. Pretty funny if you're 12. Not if you're teacher, or an adult? Anyways, I have a Google Level 4 status and have submitted a change in Maps and in the Google search listing. It says Pending. My friend does not have access to the page (he actually is a local reporter who is trying to be helpful). It even looks like they took over the listing because they responded to reviews (all in the past week).

    If this is school, is this a chargable offense to take over a listing and then change the name like that?

    What would the best course of action be? For someone at the school to try and claim the listing? And then go from there?

    Thanks for the advice ya'll.

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    Re: Google Local and Map Listing-Kids being Kids

    Yikes! Yep sounds like a hijack, if they have access to the listing to reply to reviews.

    One thing I'd do Robin is post this over at the official GMB support forum and then give us the link to your post here, so we can find it. Myself or one of the other TCs (here/there) can then escalate for you.
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    Re: Google Local and Map Listing-Kids being Kids

    Lol how in the world did they get access? They had to have social engineered a secretary or violated federal law by checking the mailbox, right?
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    Re: Google Local and Map Listing-Kids being Kids

    I second what Linda said - post it over at the GMB forum.

    Are you able to share the maps URL of the school here? I can try and submit an edit as well.
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