Google On Links For Republishing My Content
by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
August 7, 2018

Rand Fishkin @randfish

Clarifying Q on "link schemes": If a publisher's licensing agreement requires search engine follow-able links to republish their content, does that violate Google's guidelines? Or is it kosher to ask for a followed link if someone's republishing your stuff?

Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan

If you said here's my content, but it's a copy of what I wrote over at this other place, and please link to that straight. Probably fine as well. Probably fine if you even said please link using the same headline or whatever....

Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan
Replying to @Marie_Haynes and 3 others

With all the context I said earlier on perspective and intent, yes, I think that's fine. I wrote an article; please link to me is not alone a link scheme. I wrote and article and you must link with these exact words or provide these X number of links, more worrisome....

Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan
As always, I'd beg people to actually understand the nuance, that it's not binary situation. The intent is going to be important. My inbox is flooded by people who offer me posts in exchange for "one simple link." That's almost certainly going to be a link scheme....

Marie Haynes @Marie_Haynes
Replying to @dannysullivan and 4 others
Thanks Danny. I may be biased as I see so many link profiles of sites that have used link schemes to rank.

My takeaways: it's ok to ask for a link, but if you're doing it on a large scale or with specific intent to improve particular rankings, it could be questionable.

Danny Sullivan @dannysullivan
Yep that’s a good summary.