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    Google Places Posting not displayed in search result

    When a search for "lawn mower repair frederick" is started, our business shows up on the first page of Google Place's results on Google maps, but when we search for "lawn mower repair", our business doesn't show up on the Google Places search results, despite the fact that we are searching from Frederick, Md.
    We have gone through all the forums and help pages looking for an answer to our problems, but none of them have been able to help us so far. We even went as far as hiring SEO experts to solve this problem, but none of them was able to find a solution. We are desperately hoping that you would be willing to help us solve this issue.

    Shows up in "A" Position only if Search includes Frederick- "Lawn mower repair Frederick". We know through analytics that most people simply search "lawn mower repair" in their Google search bar. When that is searched in the Frederick area we do not show up at all unless the browser location settings are set to Frederick, MD. - which few people do. If you search "Lawn Mower Repair" from any computer in the Frederick area on a computer whose browser location settings is not pre set to Frederick - all local lawn mower repair shops show up, even little tiny homes based shops - but we do not.

    What is different is their Google Places profile or website that could create this anomaly in the search results??

    Here's a link to our Google Places profile:
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    Re: Google Places Posting not displayed in search result

    Hi Andrea,

    The first thing that stands out for me is that the result you are ranking in the A spot for is a pack style result which traditionally gives more weight to factors like citations and Place Page optimization.

    The results when you don't show up are blended which traditionally give preference to factors such as onsite optimization.

    Can't dig too deep right now, but maybe that will start some conversation around it.

    Interesting though, you are relatively far from the Frederick centroid, yet you still rank on top for the pack results, which are supposed to give a lot of consideration to distance from centroid.
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    Re: Google Places Posting not displayed in search result

    Looks like you are golden to me.

    From Ca searching Frederick Lawn Mower Repair you are A.

    With location set to Frederick and searching for Lawn Mower Repair you are A too.

    Are you sure you aren't missing it and maybe just looking at the pack? Cuz for me the A is on top (that's you) then there are 2 organic. Then there are all the other local listings together, down lower on the page.

    People don't need to set their location. If they don't Google will find it via IP and so it will STILL be a local search. If you didn't set location and Google did not locate you, then what you'd be seeing would not be local results, you'd be seeing businesses from all over the country.
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    Re: Google Places Posting not displayed in search result

    Do you mean you don't show up from a computer in your area whose location is not set when typing in that keyword? That doesn't sound right to me.

    I echo what Linda said. I typed that keyword in and got the same result. Although, if the situation I laid out above is correct, that wouldn't reproduce the results you're seeing.

    If you're not showing up for the keyword without a "Frederick", I've never seen or heard of that. Do let us know.

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