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    Share your local SEO success as inspiration for others

    Hi all,

    I just love reading success stories, find it really helps with motivations. So share your local seo success story and if you want to say thanks to anyone pls share here. Also if you want to share why you became successful, or was there any big challenge you had on the way?

    First of all want to say thanks to Linda Buquet for her excellent Google+ and Local SEO training and to Nyagoslav Zhekov for his training on Citation Building

    I'v done organic SEO in the past but not local seo, had my first position 1 today All the other clients are moving up as well Wont be long and I'll have the others in the same spot (hopefully). Im sure the clincher that change me was directly related to Linda and Nyagoslav, so thanks to you both.

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    Re: Share your local SEO success as inspiration for others

    Congrats on the #1 Michael and thanks for the kind words!

    Thanks for starting a good thread and I hope we'll hear some success stories from the group.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

    If you benefit from advice here... Please pay the community back by sharing on social OR helping someone else at the forum. Thank you!

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