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    After You Change Or Add Suite #....Community Feedback Requested, Please

    Hi Everybody

    Per Linda's suggestion, I'm breaking this question out on its own from a previous thread:
    Google listing now nearly impossible to find

    Here's the question for a scenario that neither Linda nor I have dealt with recently enough to have a confident answer:

    If you change a suite number or add a new suite number where none existed before to your Google local listing, what happens?

    To Wit:

    - Did it require that you re-verify the listing?
    - Did you lose rankings or reviews?
    - Did anything else happen that you want to share?

    Would so appreciate you sharing your experience. This is an issue that must come up all the time for Local SEOs whose clients are in scenarios of multiple businesses sharing the same building and needing different suite numbers. My current client roster just doesn't include anything like this (and Linda isn't doing much hands-on stuff these days as she is focused on awesome consulting), so your reply would be really interesting to both of us, and I'm sure, the whole community! Thanks!
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    Re: After You Change Or Add Suite #....Community Feedback Requested, Please

    Thanks for starting this new thread Miriam!

    I'll copy part of my reply from the other thread and then ask the community for help to see if anyone has any experience with this issue.

    I do understand the Q and the type of situation you are likely referring to. But I can't think of any specific cases I've worked on to give you much of an answer.

    I mean I've seen posts in the G forum where folks have asked "How about if I add a suite?" Either to help try to avoid merges or appear to be a separate address. I just don't think I've seen anyone talk about HOW they did it, what happened after they actually did it or IF it caused problems.

    I'll Tweet to try to get some answers and also hopefully 2 of our members that are MapMaker Google Expert Reviewers will weigh in, as they would likely have some feedback for you.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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