6 Real-Time Customer Engagement Solutions for Merchants

Aug 7, 2013
I have not used any of these. Anyone have experience using them?

6 Platforms Merchants Can Use for Real-Time Customer Interaction

Online reviews are big bucks for small business owners. Roughly two-thirds of Americans read online reviews before shopping at businesses, and 86% say negative reviews have influenced their buying decisions. Although there?s no sure-fire way for local merchants to ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer, there are things that businesses can do to decrease the chances of dissatisfied customers airing their grievances online.

New customer interaction solutions are using mobile and location technology for enhanced customer experiences. In many cases, these hyperlocal tools give business owners a way to interact with customers in real-time and resolve problems before complaints start showing up online.
Here are six platforms that merchants can use to interact with customers in real-time.

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