Anyone familiar w/ Advanced Custom Fields (for WordPress)?

Chris Ratchford

LocalU Member
Jul 18, 2012
I'm curious to know if anyone here incorporates Advanced Custom Fields plugin for their websites. I build WP sites using Beaver Builder. Well technically I use Beaver Builder's framework, Beaver Themer plugin, and two 3rd-party plugins built for BB (Ultimate Beaver and PowerPack Beaver Add-ons). Yes, silly names, but great products!

Disclaimer: I'm not that familiar with ACF, but after a few tutorials the hamster in my head is starting to work the wheel. I'd like to start adding features to WP builds that incorporate business NAP, schema, office hours (for clients to login and adjust for holidays- like you can do in GMB), and even a Q&A/FAQ section.

Before I invest resources in ACF, I thought I'd post here to see if others are in a similar situation.


Jul 7, 2019
Hi Chris, I'm using the one from Elliot Condon on my site, for a few years now I think. I'm using it to add product markup and some other things on my pages. I am pretty novice at all this though so don't ask me anything too difficult :) I like Beaver Builder, never used it though, I'm about to play around with Elementor and I think it's part of that.


Oct 10, 2018
I'm using ACF quit a lot, but I'm not familiar with Beaver Builder. Most WP projects are created from scratch. ACF saves me lots of time adding custom fields and data to pages and posts.

Bought the lifetime Developer license. With it you can run ACF on an unlimited number of sites with lifetime updates. Really cheap if you ask me.

Conor Treacy

Feb 25, 2014
Love ACF - like Roald, I bought the developer license 3 or 4 years ago and use it on too many sites. So many, I felt guilty after I hit 100 sites, so we purchased a second license just to have on hand and support the development.

We've used it in the way you describe with regards to hours, company info, logos etc. Setting up a separate section in WordPress so the site owner can update it all in one spot.

As far as getting it into the site, it's all PHP, and I'm sure Beaver Builder will allow you to add segments to that.

It can be very extensive if you want it to be. We've done some crazy membership/subscription sites with it!

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