"Clear address" versus hide address in backend of listing


Nov 27, 2018
Hi, I am working on a Service Area Business listing and notice that there's no longer the option to Hide the address. Now you must Clear the address. Does this achieve the same purpose? Is the location of the business still factored when ranking if you have cleared the address? This is post-verification - the address has been verified with Google via the postcard PIN. Thanks!

Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
Yes that is correct. To hide the address you 'clear' it and save. Very clear right? lol

Btw if you do the opposite, add an address if it is already hidden, it will make you re-verify. So you can't switch back and forth easily.

There is no ranking difference at this point if the address is hidden, and there is no ranking difference when choosing a service area, the ranking still factors on a proximity to the address center.

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