Filtering in Maps?


Jul 31, 2018
I've heard about two law firms in one building where one will get filtered rather than showing two businesses serving the same audience in the same location (at least, I think that was Google's argument). (Law Firm = Example 1)

Is it possible for other filtering to occur?

Example 2:
Two similar businesses which are affiliated (or Google believes to be affiliated) because of the similarity of service & name.

Example 3:
Two dissimilar businesses which Google misinterprets as being affiliated because of a similarity in the name.

I've heard rumours that some sort of filtering can happen but I'm cautious about believing it.

If it is possible, what's the fix??


Jul 18, 2012
Filtering happens based on the query that's searched. So for example 3, I don't think any of them would be filtered because they aren't targeting the same thing. They are using different categories. So Speedy Glass would show for auto glass repair and Speedy Janitor would show for cleaning services queries etc.

For example 2, as long as their categories don't overlap they are likely not competing either.

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