GMB Verification With PO Box?

May 3, 2018
Hi all,

Interesting situation and not sure of next steps, if any:

I was talking to the owner of a new bakery. She's in a small town with limited door-to-door mail delivery. All the businesses on the main street, like hers, need to go pick up mail from a PO box.

So, according to guidelines, she can't set up a GMB profile.

Her business exists at the street number in her mailing address, that's where customers go to buy stuff and she maintains normal business hours, just like any other bakery. From a practical perspective, her bakery is exactly the kind of business that should be on Google Maps!

I see this as an oversight by Google.

Is there a way for her to get a GMB listing without running afoul of the rules?

Or, is there a place to go to suggest product improvements to Google?