Hey Gang - if you get high volume of reviews and only reply to positive ones, is that a bad thing?


Sep 11, 2015
Have a potential payday loan client and looking at their and competitors' GMBs and it doesn't seem like anyone replies to reviews good or bad. The volume is super high and in such extremes. Would it be beneficial to reply to all the positive ones if not enough resources to reply to all the reviews?
May 3, 2018
Agreed. To expand on what Joy posted:

Ultimately, every business, no matter how good it is, will get bad reviews. And for the most part, a business owner will not be able to take down honest (i.e. not spam) negative reviews.

So, I tell my clients to respond to all negative reviews and use the opportunity to demonstrate just how great the business is! A well-crafted response can turn a negative review into an opportunity to impress potential customers.

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