How to Claim SAB When Address is Unknown?


Feb 19, 2019
I have a client who has a GMB listing created by a previous employee or agency (client doesn't know which and has no access to the listing). The listing has reviews so we would like to gain access to it instead of just having it deleted and creating a new one. The problem is that we don't know what address was used to create the listing (probably an employee's home? But we have no idea), and since it is a service area business, the address isn't displayed anywhere. I have been trying to claim it how I normally claim listings, by clicking add location and typing in the business name. The listing I'm trying to claim pops up and I click on it, but then the next page asks me to enter the address and there is no way to proceed without entering in an address. Is there a good way to claim service area businesses when the address is unknown that I'm just missing?


Jul 18, 2012
Just continue to the next page, enter your address and verify it. It will create a duplicate listing when you do this but you can have GMB support merge them after by reaching out as Ben suggested.

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