Link Penalty Manual Action Can Remove Rich Snippets


Jun 28, 2012
Google Link Penalty Manual Action Can Remove Rich Snippets/Results
by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine Roundtable
October 23, 2018

Google has said they can issue a rich snippets or results manual action, removing the ability for the site from showing rich results in the Google listings. But do other penalties, like link penalties, also result in removal of rich snippets? It appears that may be the case.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has a webmaster complaining his site is not showing rich results and snippets in the Google search results. A lot of people offered up advice but then Google's Aaseesh posted saying the site has an inorganic links issue and has been issued a manual action.

Google linked the webmaster to the link schemes help document for more information. Google has said, it isn't uncommon for a site that has one manual action, may have others or other algorithmic issues in ranking....

A site with inorganic links is not trusted by Google and thus may lose trust to show rich results in Google.

Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
Would be good to know if that manual action was listed in his Search Console or not though. I am assuming yes, and was just overlooked.

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