[New Free eBook] The Agency Profit-Boosting Secrets To Pricing Review Management

Mar 15, 2016
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The Agency Profit-Boosting Secrets To Pricing Review Management [eBook]

Not all agencies want to transparently share their pricing on their website, which makes it a near impossible challenge to do competitive research for pricing your agency’s online review management services.

Most agencies take a shot in the dark, working to create a service that’s valuable for clients and profitable for their agency. That’s the goal at least.

Where should agencies start with pricing any service offering?

Many agencies struggle when it comes to pricing.

The worst part?

It isn’t their fault. They’re blown back and forth with many subscribing to vague pricing notions that are disconnected from reality.

What will you learn in this eBook?
  • How to determine a business model for selling online review management
  • 8 different review management pricing models for your agency or consulting services
  • Secondary considerations: self-service versus managed services for ORM

Download the free new Pricing Review Management eBook here.


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