▶ The Six Degrees of Local SEO - Kevin Bacon Style: Video by Greg Gifford

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012

If you read me you know I'm a huge fan of Greg Gifford's dynamic, crazy, wild, action packed, movie-based Local Search presentations. If you want to get smart about Local SEO and be entertained at the same time, this is the man to turn to! :D

Greg Tweeted me and said: "Thought you might enjoy this one... it's all Kevin Bacon movies".
And he's right - it's a blast!

Yes it's geared toward automotive, because that's his market, but as always in his presentations everything is applicable to Local Search in general.

<a href="http://www.dealeron.com/blog/the-six-degrees-of-automotive-seo-video/">Automotive SEO Presentation from Digital Dealer 19 | DealerOn</a>

Head over to watch and be prepared to get sucked in to 187 fun (and educational) Kevin Bacon movie slides. :p

You likee?
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