Two businesses, different names, point to same website

Craig McBreen

Nov 7, 2019
There are two GMB listings ranking in the 3-pack for the term my client is trying to rank for.
Business Name A
Business Name B

A & B have different business names.
A & B have different addresses.
But they both point to the same exact website.

Business A's address doesn't appear to be an actual address (at least on Google street view).

Business Name B has a different address than A but still points to the same exact website.

The other thing is the website they both point to doesn't even have a business address.

Anyway, there's just something fishy about these listings so just wonder what recommended next steps are? Thanks!
Jan 12, 2017
Can you please provide the businesses' names, addresses and website URLs for both? What is the name of the business according to the website?


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