Yellow Pages: change phone number to claim?


Jan 18, 2020
Our agency is working with a client that wants us to add Yellow Pages to their listings. We have about 20 locations that we will be adding. All the location's phone numbers go to a single call center. This seems problematic on a few levels, and I wondered if anyone in the community has good input! Questions:

1. Can we change an existing, unclaimed YP listing's phone number to our agency, then update it to the call center number once it is claimed and the listing is optimized? How?

2. Will we cause any significant headaches by created a new listing (assuming an existing unclaimed listing does not exist) with our agency phone number, then again, updating the phone number once the listing is created an verified? (hello, GMB suspension purgatory....)

3. Is there any other way to verify a listing?

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