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    Not Yet Published Google Places Listings

    On my Google Places dashboard I have a bunch of listings that say "Not yet published Verify Ownership". These appear to be accidental listings (when I was looking at a client's various Google Places listings somehow it got associated with my personal email address). I've been a bit hesitant to do anything with them, but they are old listings and we have updated Google Places associated with the right email address. Is it okay to delete these accident listings on my Google Places dashboard?

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    Re: Not Yet Published Google Places Listings

    That's one of the reasons I tell consultants not to try to manage a page by clicking manage this page on the listing. It can cause unintended consequences.

    Yes I'd try to get them out of dash but how depends on which dash.

    If old dash is there a delete button? If so click delete and remove from account NOT delete from maps.

    If new dash it's trickier, I don't remember and will need to hunt down the answer for you.
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