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Welcome to our new Multi-Location Issues forum!

We have what I'm sure is the largest repository of Multi-Location tips and resources on the web. Previously I had all the related posts under a hashtag.

But I spent a lot of time last weekend reorganizing the forum to help make things easier to find and decided to create a sub-forum under "Google Local Specific Issues".

So if you have questions or want to brainstorm about local enterprise search, chains, franchises & multi-location related issues, now there is a place for that!

Check out TONS of posts already in the Multi-Location Issues forum.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are many other Multi-Location posts that I could not move to this new forum because they belong in Help & Support, yet have really good tips. OR need to stay in Google Local IMPORTANT (like announcements about Google My Business Locations, etc.)

So also check the Multi-Location #HASHTAG to see all the posts in other forums.

FYI I also added the following new forums:

Local Content Creation
Local Video * Video SEO
Google Business View

Find them all here: Local Content Discussions. Each forum has TONS of ideas, resources and discussion.

Happy reading!