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    Hidden benefit of seasonal GBV tours

    Here in Canada our winters and summers look so different that some of my GBV clients have had new tours published when the season changes. When this happens, the newest tour replaces to previous tour on the G+ page, in search results, and in maps.

    What many people don't know, and has never been officially acnowledged by Google, is that the old tour(s) are not actually removed from Google's servers. I guess the tiny bit of server space they take up is not an issue for Google.

    The links to each tour are unique; so if you keep the links or embed code to the old tours, you can still display them on a web page. This could be useful to show season-specific decor, or as an historical record of the business.

    This is not documented anywhere or acknowledged by Google but has been my experience for the 3+ years I've been shooting GBV tours. The old tours could someday be taken down by Google, but so far that hasn't been the case.

    This has been known for some time by many of the Google photographers who have been in the program for a while, but I thought it might be worth sharing here.


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    Re: Hidden benefit of seasonal GBV tours

    That is some gold advice!

    Thanks Jim
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