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    Why Should I Listen to Google?

    Don't forget to look up once and a while to see the bigger picture. That bigger picture is Google. Its not a mystery people. Google gives us hints. Listen.

    The Importance of Listening to Google

    For those who've been in the trenches of SEO for any extended period of time you'll know that if you just listen to what Google is telling you (and sometimes not telling you) you'll be able to take advantage of change before it happens and avoid issues both large and small.

    Those who may be just getting your feet wet or who may not be SEOs but be business owners or executives responsible for their budgets, hopefully this article will help you understand the significant research and time invested by top SEOs (hopefully you call them "employees") into following Google's words, deeds and even patents to insure your budget isn't always spent keeping up with the Jones' but working on tasks they may not even know about yet.

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    Re: Why Should I Listen to Google?

    Looks like a good one Justin. Can't wait to read!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Why Should I Listen to Google?

    Some good kernels of advice in there, even though the post as a whole is simplistic and cherry-picked. The author didn't address the serious issue of what happens when some people don't listen to Google. Often nothing, as we've seen with map spam for years.

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