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    The Power of Local Search: More Conversions with Less Traffic - Mini Case Study

    Just discovered this post with some info that may be interesting, if you have potential clients that just don't get the importance of being in the pack.

    The Power of Local Search: More Conversions for Less Traffic - Conductor Blog

    At my agency, Mediagistic, I work with dozens of HVAC companies on their digital marketing strategies. For them, local search visibility is indispensible...

    The convincing correlation between local packs and conversions

    Take two of my HVAC clients. We’ll call them Company X and Company Y. Both companies are based in major metro areas. Both companies have been around for roughly ten years. Both companies have strong brands bolstered by offline advertising strategies. For each, organic search is their #1 traffic source.

    Here’s the fascinating thing: Company X actually gets about 9 times less organic traffic, but twice as many conversions as Company Y.
    Head over to see the tracking metrics, further analysis and slide show.

    h/t to Peg Corwin and her great channel for the story lead.
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    Re: The Power of Local Search: More Conversions with Less Traffic - Mini Case Study

    Great Article Linda. Just skimmed over it and will read more later.

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    Re: The Power of Local Search: More Conversions with Less Traffic - Mini Case Study

    I'll be the antagonist here and guess that the author left out a very important point - reviews. I'd like to hear this story with the review counts for both x and y along with their competitors review count. Then I'd bet it would be a more robust picture.

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