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    Linking GMB with Adwords- jump in rankings?


    A client of mine has emailed to say that he linked his Google Adwords account to his GMB page and he says his rankings have jumped within 48 hours. Is this a consequence of doing this or just a coincidence?

    Any experience of this?

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    Re: Linking GMB with Adwords- jump in rankings?

    Coincidence. Linking any of the tools together will do nothing except share data between them.

    I would examine what changes the client made to the website, what links they may have received, what other marketing may have taken place, etc.

    Linking the two together won't change rankings. If he's running Adwords, then it's possible people are remembering the brand name and creating more demand for the company than there was before. Also worth knowing which keywords ranking improved.

    There's a lot more to examine, but I can definitively say that I have never seen or heard of any real cases where linking properties caused a ranking jump. There's usually something else to the story that hasn't been disclosed.
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