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    When To Report A Listing With This VS That

    What are the differences in these 3 similar but obviously different ways of reporting issues to Google:

    1. Troubleshooter -"The Business No Longer Exists"
    2. Report a Problem - "Place is permanently closed"
    3. Report a Problem - "Place does not exist or is private"

    Are these 3 reporting features designed to report distinctly different issues, or is there cross-over, so that, for example, all of the methods could be used to report the same thing.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
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    Re: When To Report A Listing With This VS That

    I'd say the main difference between the Troubleshooter (#1) and #2 is that Google knows that an issue brought up via the Troubleshooter is from the owner of a claimed listing. Otherwise, I'd say that the two overlap completely.

    My understanding of #3 is that you'd only use it to flag down a spam listing, or maybe to tell Google that you'd like your own listing suppressed (because of, say, privacy concerns).

    Good thread, Colan!

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