Any way to escalate GMB issues (pending verified listing, adding owners, etc.)???

Oct 9, 2019
Hi all,

Like a lot of you, we are experiencing a lot of issues with GMB when adding new listings. As a marketing agency, we have a lot of clients this is effecting and giving them a "it's a technical issue that Google has no time estimate for" is getting tiresome and repetitive.

I have called 3 times, DM'ed them on twitter, and also followed up to their support email with 0 response. Or I keep getting the same copy and pasted response with no details.

And now, we have discovered a new glitch where trying to add owners to a listing is not sending out emails to for accept the invite (and even if you remove it and try again with a different level of access, it still doesn't send - and now they are claiming we need to show signage of our building in order to receive support)...

Is there any way at all to combat this that anyone has found? It's affecting our business greatly.


Local Search Expert
Nov 19, 2015
I just replied to your thread. I have dealt with a ton pf pendings before and believe it or not they are a good thing. They are keeping spam listings down a lot.

That being said, since you have been waiting more than 2 weeks, we (PE's) can escalate it to Google with the proper information. (Which I added to the community thread)


LocalU Member
Sep 25, 2018
Following on Facebook and using the Chat feature has helped me a few times, recently, in a matter of days.

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