Automotive Dealership Parts & Service Listings Showing Near Proper GMB Listing


Feb 27, 2020
A Honda automotive client of mine brought forth an issue where their Parts & Service hours (listed under the regular hours) was incorrect. This was news to me as these Parts & Service hours had never been shown before. Further research led me to find out that this was because there was a secondary Parts & Service GMB listing for that dealership listed at the same location (not officially run or related to the business, mind you, nobody was running it), and thus seemingly the proper GMB had swallowed up those hours.

I assumed this was just a duplicate listing and I could go through the proper protocol in marking it as such. But then with a little more cursory research I found this was the case with a number of Honda dealerships across Canada. Where they had their primary GMB listing, and another Parts or Service or both listing at the same location (but again, not an officially related one run by that business), and clicking on them lists them as “Located in: ‘the dealership name.’ Examples for this include Winnipeg Honda, Alberta Honda, Calgary Honda, Ottawa Honda and so on.

These duplicate or additional listings seem relatively buried, don’t really seem to be affecting the main GMB (outside of my issue at the outset of this post, causing me to post this whole thing). It would be one thing if it was just one of these dealerships, but it seems a whole bunch of Honda dealerships have this specific issue, for whatever reason.

I know there’s some related issues regarding dealership service/parts departments listings showing up over the main listing currently going on, but does anybody have any idea why these listings exist en mass like this in the first place? Especially since they’re not official business listings. And if anything special should or needs to be done as to why they all are situated like this? Or, if I should just treat them as any unnecessary or needed duplicate listing and work to get rid of them that way? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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