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Nov 2, 2018
Out of your list of tools, I currently use Yext for a company with 75 locations and Localeze and manual entry for a client with over 500 locations. These two tools are definitely two ends of the spectrum. If you need reporting, instant fix for your listings (and to know where your info is going), have a large budget, and want to use a tool that you can post to social media from, I would use Yext. I do think you can use multiple tools for a cheaper price to get everything that you can get from Yext.

For me, there really isn't a huge benefit for using Localeze alone since you really do not know where your information is going and the product is not very innovative.

Most recently, I really like Advice Local after seeing a demo. It has a Visibility report that you can run for potential customers or use it as a benchmark to measure where your client was before you implemented their local strategy. You also get 4 different aggregators (similar to Moz Local), there is a review monitoring tool, keyword tool and automated reporting. The price is also pretty reasonable for resellers. I have also been impressed by BrightLocal which is not too different from this platform.
I would highly recommend checking out DBA Platform if you are doing anything manual. They can automate optimization, citations, and give you free white-labelled monthly reporting.

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