Business getting trashed for firing an employee


Local Search Expert
Jul 27, 2017
This story went viral over the weekend. An employee was terminated for post a meme on Facebook on their day off.
Viral link. The troll army has responded by trashing the employer's GMB listing with negative reviews, crappy photos, Q&A, and by changing the name and category.

You always want to remain professional when communicating with a current or former employee. This business went viral for making bigger mistakes after firing the employee. This crisis could have been avoided entirely, however an employee at the business added more fuel to the fire.

I am dealing with a situation where a business owner contacted the new employer when a terminated employee posted a negative review. Their crisis too could have been avoided, had they contact me. Instead, the terminated employee posted on Facebook asking their friends to post 1-star negative reviews to trash the business. Had I been contacted, I would have had the review quietly removed as current and former employee reviews violated the TOS.

I hope everyone will pause a moment and think about the ramifications prior to engaging with people or getting upset. It's not worth it.