Customer wants to add a tracking number across all of his Citations


Aug 13, 2019
Hello. My Customer wants to add a tracking number across all of his Citations. What is the easiest way to do this or do I need to log into each and everyone and change the phone number. I also need a way to tell how many citations he has and which ones are worth updating. He has normal citations but he also has vanity citations where he is targeting search terms like: category + consultant+ city. Does anyone have any advise?



LocalU Faculty
Aug 9, 2012
I agree with Joy and would not suggest doing this. What's the point? Is it so your client can see how many calls these other directories are driving? It's likely a very very low number, and the amount of effort required to update all your citations so you can get this nearly useless data is not worth it.

I definitely recommend a call tracking number on GMB though. You would add the tracking number as the primary number in GMB, and add the business's real number as an additional number.

Can you explain more about what you mean by "normal citations" and "vanity citations"? Would he have two or more different citations on the same site? If so, do they have different addresses and phone numbers too?

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