GMB Elaborate Spam

Rob Oneil

Jul 3, 2019
Hi all,

Newbie here. I was wondering if anyone has come across this type of spam before?

What this company is doing, and, it is working BTW, is registering a separate phone number for each listing which then diverts to the main number.

In some cases, they are registering more than one for the same suburb.

Each listing goes to its own GMB page, eg

They seem to have started this in the Eastern Suburbs, but now appear to be rolling it out right across Sydney.

Google appear not to be interested in reports of this, and in this particular space (pest control), they are the only business I see doing it.

Does anyone have any advice as to how to deal with this spam? Even if they only had one listing per suburb, they would have 300+ listings, and if they only got one job per month from each listing, that would be worth in excess of $80,000 pm.



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