GMB listing suspended - anything I can do?


Jan 12, 2020
Thank you Joy,
We have some locations that would not give us at corporate "primary owner" access so we are just owner. BUT, they also did NOT remove the former agency from their list of owner access. SO, could this "former" agency have gone in and created some issues that would take the entire account down? Google keeps saying this is what happened. Is this possible? Not saying they did or did not do it on purpose but could it have happened


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Jul 27, 2017
The brand owns the listings and the individual franchisees. They can't dictate if you can have access, as it's the other way around. You will need to convey that message to them and have them transfer access or you can go about hijacking the listings. It appears that those locations didn't get suspended. Are you seeing that any of the suspended listings are "soft suspensions" meaning that they are still live Google?

You may want to conduct a full audit on all the listings on Google to ensure that they are in compliance with Google's TOS. Google only allows one SAB per state that you are registered in. Do you have multiple SAB's in each state? Are they all registered with the Secretary of State? Are the names free of keywords and GEO Modifiers, i.e. Sterling Sky Local SEO Services in Toronto when the name is really Sterling Sky?

Honestly, you will need to file for reinstatement and wait for Google to respond. My last case took 13 days to resolve and it too was for a franchise. I am now hearing that support might be delayed because of CoronaVirus, so I hope that doesn't add more delays to your case. Google will tell you the next steps if any are needed.


Mar 26, 2020
There is not much you can do on the timing. I recently had 3 cases where listings were suspended. My recommendation is as follows:

Contact support directly. Use the GMB app. Click on the ... MORE link at the bottom right corner.
There you will find the Help & Support.


  • When you initiate the contact you will get an immediate call from Google.
  • Explain your issue.
  • They will send you a link to reinstate your listing. Follow the form guidelines and submit your listing.
  • Once approved, you will a get notice on your account that says PENDING. And you will the suspension has been lifted.
  • Following the PENDING notice, it should be around 3 days or so before you're in the total clear.
Just remember, there is no saying on how long the process takes. It may differ.
Google even states they are busy with a high volume of reinstatements. Furthermore, we are amidst the whole COVID thing- which also has impacted timelines.

Hope this helps :)

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